Making Tourtière With Grandma

13 Jan

Every year around Christmas, my grandma makes tourtière for our family. It is the best tortiére I have ever tasted. I have always wondered what goes into that scrumptious pie, and now I do!

We were making 4 pies that day. One for my family, one for my aunt and uncle, and two for my grandma and grandpa. When I got to my grandma’s, she had already made one batch of filling and enough dough for one pie crust to speed up the process. Then, I got to get my hands dirty!!

Originating from Quebec, tourtière is a meat pie traditionally made with finely diced pork, beef or veal. One of the things that makes grandma’s tourtière so good is that she combines two of the meats. That particular day, we were mixing pork and beef. Yum! I got to make the pie that was going to my family all by myself and she made a double batch.

I added the meat to my pot along with some shredded potato (I didn’t know that you could grate a potato).Meat and Potato in the pot Then we chopped a few onions that also made it into the pot. I could only chop one onion though because my eyes just started watering like crazy!After adding more goodness. Next in the pot were some secret herbs and spices,

(Not really secret)

(Not really secret)

some vinegar, and my favorite, nutmeg! Adding nutMEG!All we had left to do was stir before we could start on the dough. It’s a pretty simple recipe but boy is it delicious!

For the dough, we started by adding all the dry ingredients into the food processor and mixed them up. Processing When it was all mixed up, we pulsed in the butter and shortening. Adding butter and shortening.It makes extremely good dough that is really hard not to play with when dividing it in half.  Ready to in the freezer.We popped it in the freezer and made two more batches.

When it was time to start constructing the pies, I watched my grandma do one first. I learned that you are supposed to puncture your dough before you put it on the top of your pie to let out steam. Puncture the dough first!

Then it was my turn! I started by rolling out part of the dough I made and transferred it onto the bottom of the pie shell. The dough went in first! The filling was the next element that went into my pie shell. Putting in the filling. It smelled so good even before it went into the oven! I rolled out the rest of my dough and punctured it before it went on the top of the tortiére. Almost done...With the dough we had leftover, we cut out little trees and polka dots that were going to go on the top on the pie. She usually makes holly to go on the top of the pies but that day we felt extremely creative so we put Christmas décor on the top! I egg washed my whole pie and then stuck on my trees and dots. Ready to go in the oven! For the tourtière that was going to my aunt and uncle, we put on the traditional holly. The pie with holly!The extra tortiére got some little gingerbread men along with a few little polka dots as well. Gingerbread men are so cute. My grandma has these little horses that came from Sweden (where my Aunt, Uncle and cousins live) and are really special to the family so her tortiére got two little horses kissing under the Christmas mistletoe.Horses can be romantic too!

We put them in the oven for about twenty minutes or so. That isn’t the complete cooking time but we had to under bake them so that we could put them in the freezer and bake them again when ready to eat it. All four pies!

We ended up having our tourtière on Christmas Eve with an awesome Caesar salad. It was so good! Thanks so much grandma for giving me that wonderful experience. Grandma and I are proud of our pies!


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